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Fun App

This is a very fun app. It would be nice if the app could be reset to the beginning and if there were the ability to have multiple accounts.

Cute but bogus

Dont tell me a game is free if it is rigged so the ONLY way you can win levels is to buy tokens. That ruins the cute of the game and ruins the fun. Too bad. Could be a fun game.

Fun,challenging,& Rewarding! Fresh & New idea.

Think Aquarium app meets Candy Crushing Type games. Really Fun idea! U get to design a fish bowl w/ interactive Fish (They talk to you w/ preprogrammed sayings) & play puzzles to earn coins to buy Fish & Tank decor. U wont get bored of playing this game,but U might get frustrated( young kids especially) The levels can be really hard w/ the low # of moves u get per try. Unless u buy gems & power ups it will take a very long time to build up your fish bowls. The cost of the Fish & the items are a bit over priced. You only get a low amount of in-game coins for clearing a level vs. the cost of Fish & items. I would like to visit other players tanks besides Fb friends & earn coins that way, but no option.( PLEASE PUT THIS OPTION IN THE GAME) I would like to see other players Decorations & Fish (not just my Facebook Friends) & have an option to become in-game friends w/ them. It would be a way to earn coins & get inspired. Other Fish apps have this option.( 4 example Fish Adventure, Dream Fish) A daily reward, like a spin wheel or a power up reward for playing consecutive days in a row would be a nice as well. It would also be a great incentive to play daily. IWhat Frustrates me about the game also challenges me. I absolutely love how interactive the items are ( you tap them & they move or have a neat graphic) Fishdom is a fun game worth playing. Keep the updates coming. Good job!


love this game!!!

Zero ways to earn.

This game is fun, but the gems to buy power ups etc are hard to come by and cost way more than the small rewards given throughout the game. No real way to earn more or anything except to buy.


Its a really fun game live the graphics its addicting as well


Great game you can play on your own. Dont like that sometimes it seems impossible to get thru a level.


Pretty water backgrounds, but the game portion is designed to lead the player to in-app purchases. Too many glitches in the app.

Fun fun fun

Fun game. Great fun way to pass the time.

Has a lot of problem

Fun game but it never saves. Dont wast your mm why buying anything extra if you lose your game you will lose your credits as well. I have lost my game twice now and I emailed them a week ago and they are not very good at responding and fixing the problem. I still havent gotten my game restored and I will have to start over for a third Time.


I like this game in the sense, its fun to watch and listen to the fish talk, decorate tank, etc,. But... Ive played tons of match three games and this is by far the hardest and the least rewarded. In App. Purchases are a real smart way for one to make a lot of money, but most people playing this game dont have a lot of money to waste on playing a single fish game. I believe that this game will not be profitable anymore unless some positive changes are made. Too many people are getting disgusted and I am definitely one of them.

Love/Not Love kind of game...

Ditto with previous review by Samagnolia! Too expensive to complete puzzles. Its as though you must purchase diamonds to complete levels, and far too long to accrue experience points for new aquarium.

Fun game

Fun game to play but can get expensive with the extras.

Reliable favorite!

Ive been playing different versions of Fishdom for years - first on a PC and then on my iPad the last few years. I love it, all versions. Its been a constant for me :)


I love this game and went to purchase some gems everything went through but I didnt receive my purchase. It said to report the issue I tried and it said the clients mail is not configured properly. My connection works everything on my end checks out. Why would I dare spend any more money on this game when I cant even report an issue with the inapp purchases. Therefore I left a 2 star rating beware when making purchases when these people.


I love this app, but I am stuck at 104 level. No way one can break through so many bricks with so little moves. Videos not giving what they shows numbered diamonds to buy bombs. I game bombs not working effectively.

Fishdom: Deep Dive




Fun game

Progress reasonable pace, good graphics, but a battery hog.


Very fun

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